Blue Jinns – Black Tee

Show everyone just how much YOU FUCKIN’ ROCK with one of these black as the night, heavy weight cotton tees.

For added awesome, buy our CD while you’re on. Not only will your neighbours, family and friends SEE how amazing you look, they’ll hear it too.

Garment Spec
Gildan Heavy t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are a 185gsm weight.

Male Size Chest:
S – 34/36″ // M – 38/40″ // L – 42/44″ // XL – 46/48″ // XXL – 50/52″

Female Size:
S – 8 // M – 10 // L – 12 // XL – 14 // XXL – 16

Sonic Viagra Limited Edition Coloured 12″


Thats right! You can still annoy your neighbours by making them jealous of just how amazing you are, only this time by listening to Sonic Viagra how it was intended to be digested. On coloured 12″ vinyl!!!! This hot slab of joy is limited to 235 units and once they’re gone, you’ve had it! It comes with Scott Narjes artwork splashed across the sleeve in all it’s huge glory as well as a lyric sheet so you can read all about our nonsical musical journeys. When your neighbours hear you blasting this slab riff n’roll through the walls, they’ll kick their own faces due to self shame.

1. The Triangle
2. Bang! Bang!
3. Love Pocket
4. Don’t Bleed in my Ambulance
5. Fast, Fast Woman
6. Nunchuck Strut
7. Quarter Pounder
8. Skulldozer

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Make yourself 1000% cooler by splashing out on a Blue Jinns shirt too.