New Album.

We’ve had a visit to Purple Pro Audio in Leeds to get our drum tracks down and ghost track the guitars, bass and vocals. Over the next few weeks we will be laying down the final tracks for our new album at Blue Jinns HQ, before mixing and mastering the new slab of riff and roll.

In the mean time, here are some images from our Purple Pro session.

Last call for the dancers.

We have 2 more gigs this year before we squirrel ourselves away in the studio to record our next offering to the gods of rock and roll.

You can catch us at the Den in Harrogate on Saturday the 16th of November with Knuckle. Doors are at 8pm and entry is free.

Our final gig of the year is at the 360 Club at the Lending Rooms (Library Pub), on Friday the 20th of December. You can get tickets in advance for £6 at Crash Records [HERE] or directly from us at our store. Doors are 7:30pm

Sonic Viagra Physical Release.

We finally have Sonic Viagra on a physical format! That’s right, we have a limited press of Sonic Viagra on coloured 12″ wax with inserts and the original artwork by Scott Narjes in all it’s massive glory.

Head to our store now to grab your copy before it’s gone FOREVER!

New Gig Added!

We’ve just been asked to play with our awesome mates Blind Haze on Saturday the 18th of May in Worksop. Head over to our Live page to find out more.

‘Skulls’ Party!

Fast approaching, our little party to celebrate the release of our latest track ‘Drinking from the Skull of My Favourite Enemy’ is happening this Friday at Northern Guitars on Call Lane in Leeds. We have a couple of free giveaways on the evening and are joined by our amazing mates Pink Cigs. If it’s anything like the party we had last May for ‘Sonic Viagra’, it will be a belter. Hope to see you there.

It’s Here

Our new single “Drinking From the Skull of My Favourite Enemy” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Head over to your preferred service and get it in your ears now.


Our latest track ‘Drinking from the Skull of My Favourite Enemy’ will be getting released across all major streaming sites on Friday the 1st of March! We cannot wait to let this baby free. Have a listen to a snippet below.

Sonic Viagra Remastered!

While mixing down for our up coming releases, we realised that Sonic Viagra needed a bit of attention and a good old boost with overall sound of the record. We decided to go ahead and start the ball rolling to give it the injection of meat that it needed and that you deserve.

The new and improved version is available now on all major streaming platforms.

That’s it for the year!

We’re done with gigs for 2018, so a huge thank you to everyone who put us on or came to a gig.

For the time being we are currently recording demos of all of our new songs. We’ve almost got another album in the bag. More news on these in the new year.

Until then, have a rocking christmas!!!!

HeWhoCannotBeNamed & The Hip Priests

We have been invited to open up for HeWhoCannotBeNamed (Dwarves) and The Hip Priests. It is going to be one hell of a messy Monday evening, a colossal explosion of garage rock fury and we cannot wait for it! Taking Tuesday off work is advised.